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I've Fallen, and I Can't Get Up

  • 1 hour
  • 19.99 US dollars
  • 1002 West Elm Avenue

Service Description

Mary was helping to take care of her grandchildren when she tripped and fell while carrying a basket full of laundry. The pain in her lower back was excruciating and each time Mary attempted to get up, her back would spasm and she would crumple again to the floor. Eventually, she had to have one of her grandchildren get her some ice, and then Mary spent the next hour icing her low back while she waited for her daughter to arrive to pick up the kids. Meanwhile, Mary’s right leg began to tingle. When Mary’s daughter arrived home from work, she thought it best if she could help to make her mother comfortable and have her take an anti-inflammatory pill. B y the next morning, Mary was not feeling any better. With the help of her daughter, and quite a bit of struggle and pain, she was barely able to make it into our office, and almost stopped in at the ER on the way. Her examination revealed that she had not only strained her back muscles, but that her disc was pinching against her sciatic nerve. Care was given to relax the muscle spasms and to reduce inflammation. As the acute phase improved, the disc that was bulging against the nerve was targeted through the use of a technique called flexion-distraction. Flexion-distraction is a well-researched procedure used to reduce bulging and herniated discs. Usually after three weeks of treatment, a 50% improvement in pain is expected. However, Mary was showing little improvements over time even though she was keeping her appointments, taking her natural medications, and doing her exercises. At this time, it was decided to use NET to evaluate if stress was playing a roll in Mary’s lack of healing response. Mary was resistant at first, expressing that the pain she was experiencing was not in her head, rather it was in her low back and was due to her fall. We reassured Mary that we believed that she had real physical pain, but that we had also seen in a lot of other patients, like her, how stress can often block the recovery process. Following the NET protocol, it was found that there was an emotional wound complicating her recovery. The Neuro-Emotional Complex (NEC) was related to anger that she’d been holding onto regarding her late husband’s death and his lack of preparation for Mary’s financial security, which was why she was living with her daughter. Mary was treated for the NEC so her body could process and resolve the emotional wound. The body is able to respond to emotional injuries through the same healing response as that of physical injuries. Mary realized that she had stuffed this emotional feeling or response because her husband was a good man and she felt embarrassed to have the emotion of anger towards him. After the charged emotion was treated, Mary continued with her treatment for the sciatic nerve/disc problem. By the next week, 70% of her pain was gone, and within two weeks she was completely recovered. Mary remarked: “Doc, you should have checked me sooner for that NET stuff. I sure would have had a lot less suffering.”

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  • 1002 West Elm Avenue, Hermiston, Oregon 97838, USA

    + (541) 567-6277

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