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We Are Looking For a Family Doctor

  • 1 hour
  • 19.99 US dollars
  • 1002 West Elm Avenue

Service Description

The Smith family had recently moved to our area and was looking to establish healthcare. As is commonly done, they had interviewed a variety of health care providers in the process, including us. They were eager to find someone that they could trust and with whom they could share similar attitudes and beliefs with about wellness and patient care. After we explained the model of health care that we practice, and the benefits of our integrative approach, the parents ended up making an appointment for themselves and their children that afternoon. Since Dad was a trucker, he needed a Certified Driver’s License (CDL) physical while keeping in mind that he had a family history of heart disease and also complained of indigestion after eating. The physical went well, but lab work showed increased risk factors for heart disease including an increase of lipoprotein (a), CRP and LDL cholesterol. A Heidelberg pH test for stomach acid was performed that revealed Hypochlohydria (low stomach acid). Cardiac risk modifying strategies were discussed including exercise, diet and nutritional care. Hydrochloric acid was added to each meal to help resolve his indigestion. Mom, on the other hand, was in good health except for the week before her period when the kids said that everything would change. They said that the “mean mom” would come out. Mom related that during these times, she had a headache, was very irritable, and even had thoughts of dying. Hormonal evaluations showed that she was estrogen dominant, so the appropriate measure was implemented. The kids now say that mom is always nice. The oldest son was brought in, he was doing very well and passes his physical exam with flying colors except for some allergies he had obtained since moving to the area and some stress resulting from leaving his old friends and having to make new ones. He was treated for allergy desensitization and with NET to help him adjust to his new school and help him say goodbye to his old friends. He responded very well to the treatment. The youngest boy was only two years old, and had already been on six different antibiotics for multiple ear infections. His mother commented that, “Ever since I quit nursing him, he has been sick.” Part of that had to do with the fact that his delivery had been traumatic; having been “vacuumed” assisted. His evaluation revealed that there were some crucial imbalances that affected the drainage of his inner ear and an allergy to dairy foods was also found. In the end, the baby was given a chiropractic cranial adjustment, the family chose to eliminate all dairy from their diets, and a natural medicine was used to resolve the ear infection that he was having at the time, which turned out to be the last ear infection he ever had. During the passing years, the family would need spinal care, school physicals, flu and cold treatments’ and the occasional referral for a broken wrist and colonoscopy. Over time, both the parents and children grew healthy and learned to care for their bodies. The greatest honor for us was when the youngest boy grew up and brought his wife and newborn son in to our clinic for care.

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  • 1002 West Elm Avenue, Hermiston, Oregon 97838, USA

    + (541) 567-6277

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