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Kristopher B Peterson, DC, DABCI, FICT, BCN

Chiropractic Internist

As a young boy, Dr. Kris was intrigued by the experiences that his father, Dr Ken Peterson DC ND,  had in helping his patients heal.

In the seventh grade Dr Kris decided to become a Chiropractic Physician. Following his undergraduate

education at Walla Walla University and the University of Oregon, Dr. Kris enrolled at Western States

Chiropractic College (now known as the University of Western States). He graduated in 1979 Cum Laude and joined with his father, Dr Ken Peterson, in practice in 1980. In 1985, they moved their office to its current location on Elm Street.

Dr. Kris began his study of the mind's influence on the body in the mid 1980s. This study eventually led to learning NeuroEmotional Technique (NET) in 1987. This powerful tool that assists the body in resolving

stress sparked an interest in him to help research and establish this technology as a scientifically based

practice. Dr. Kris’ first took an interest in research while a student at UWS. During his second year of

school, he had his first study published. In the mid 1990’s Dr. Kris had three additional research articles

published in peer-reviewed journals, and was the first to publish a randomized controlled clinical trial on

NET. His research led to his recognition as “Doctor of the Year” in 1997 by NET and the non-profit

research foundation, ONE. Dr Kris has continued his research with additional peer reviewed indexed

papers published.

To further aid in the care of his patients, Dr. Kris enrolled in a two and one half year postdoctoral course

of study on the diagnosis and management of internal disorders. The successful completion resulted in

Dr. Kris earning his DABCI (Diplomat of the American Board of Chiropractic Internists) in 1997. The

DABCI program provided additional instruction on the use of laboratory testing and physical examination

as core components to provide nutritional and lifestyle interventions to aid patients in restoring their


In 2000 Dr Kris and Tina Peterson introduced Neurofeedback to the clinic. Dr Kris is now BCIA-EEG

(BCN) certified for Neurofeedback.

In May 2010 Dr Kris began a 5 year program in neurology. This functional approach to neurology

provides a great step forward in the treatment of many syndromes that have been resistant to care. He

has completed comprehensive training in Movement Disorders, Childhood Developmental Disorders,

Neuro-Chemistry and general neurology. This represents over 800 hours of continuing education in

neurology. Dr Kris is Board Eligible in Chiropractic Neurology.

As a subspecialty to Dr Kris’ DABCI, Dr Kris enrolled in a two year Fellowship in Integrative Cancer

Therapy (FICT). He passed his boards in 2013. This two year program included instructors from several

universities including, Yale, MD Anderson, University of South Florida, New York University and others.

This comprehensive program provided evidence based clinical support for cancer patients.

Dr. Kris is married to Tina Peterson (who is also the office manager) and they have two grown children.

Kimberly is married and has a daughter. Timothy is married and is the CEO of Unseenline Films,

a media-arts & production company.

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