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Dr. Trent Teegarden, DC

Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Trent developed a passion for natural healing and chiropractic after successfully being treated for

chronic gastritis by Dr. Kris Peterson in his youth.  Fascinated by his body’s response to holistic medicine,

it became his dream to work at the Peterson Clinic and to be mentored by Dr. Kris. 

Following his undergraduate education at Columbia Basin College and Brigham Young University, Dr.

Trent graduated from Western States Chiropractic College (now known as the University of Western

States) with a Doctorate in Chiropractic in 2008.  

Dr. Trent employs a holistic approach to healing the mind and body.  Based on this philosophy, he is

constantly engaged in research and continuing education. Some of his postgraduate studies

include Functional Endocrinology, Functional Blood Chemistry, Mastering Blood Chemistry, and Neuro

Emotional Technique (NET).  Dr Trent completed a rigorous program of over 500 hours in Chiropractic

Neurology from the Carrick Institute. This includes general neurology and Childhood Developmental

Disorders. Dr Trent has also completed a 100 hour course in Applied Kinesiology and is certified in



As an avid hiker and snowboarder, Dr. Trent's love of athletics influenced his desire to help athletes

achieve optimal performance through the use of nutrition, brain and concussion health, and functional

exercise programming.  Dr Trent has completed the Certified Chiropractic Sports Specialist Program. This

program includes comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of injuries including concussion and return to

play. This program was taught by leading Chiropractic Sports Physician experts, including members of

the Olympic Medical staff.

In 2013, Dr Trent began working at the Peterson Clinic. He resides in Hermiston with his beautiful wife

and three lovely daughters.  He enjoys taking his girls on adventures in the great outdoors, discovering

waterfalls, and going to the beach.

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