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NeuroEmotional Technique (NET)

Stress is a factor in all of our lives and every health challenge we experience. This ubiquitous problem alters our body’s ability to heal and influences our relationships.

In the late 1980’s, Dr Scott Walker discovered an intervention that simply but majestically reduced the stress load and allowed patient’s to heal. Based on simple Pavlovian conditioning, Dr Walker was able to identify the stress, its correlates ( known as a Neuro- Emotional Complex) and while the patient contemplated the emotional word picture, Dr Walker was able to gently adjust different spinal segments thus allowing the body to break its stress response. Simply put, the patient was desensitized to the stress trigger.

All of our physicians recognize the importance of the mind/body connection and it’s relationship to health. Many practices specialize in nutritional or structural medicine. But to treat the whole person, the stress component cannot be overlooked. For this reason our physicians are trained in NET. NET is the most in-depth researched intervention to resolve the stressors that affect our well-being. NET is not talk therapy, but a physiology based process of finding the trigger that activates a neurological response to a trauma and then desensitizing the reactivity.

Dr Kris has been one of the leading researchers on examining NET. He has had four peer reviewed indexed research papers on NET. To learn more about NET research visit:

For an overview of NET:


While there are many ways to address health and healing, perhaps none is quite as unique as homeopathy. Homeopathic interviewing goes above and beyond the traditional medical interview, attempting to better understand how patients arrived at their current health state as well as how they typically respond to everyday stressors. The tendencies for sickness to always start with the same organ, or always on one side, cravings or dislikes, and even where and when they feel the best or worst can be important pieces in the healthcare puzzle. Taking all of these into consideration, patients can be matched to a homeopathic remedy designed to support their whole health and decrease the effects of usual stressors. Dr. Anton is highly skilled in homeopathy and has seen great clinical results with remedies in both acute and chronic situations.

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